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6 days 11 hours ago

Hope you’re totally squished by lots of love and good food today!

We have so much to be thankful for this year. I’m particularly grateful for YOU! Happy Thanksgiving friends.

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Farm Stoehr

1 week 4 days ago

Laurel and Bamboozle are here to tell you that it’s our last market day at @standardservice in Heath! Come see us from 10-2 for your Thanksgiving chèvre. Can’t make it out today? We still have pickup times at the dairy this week. Order online to schedule yours! #FarmsteadCheese #goatcheese #chevre #goatmilk #lamanchagoat #dairygoats #goatdairy #supportlocalfarmers

Farm Stoehr

2 weeks 1 day ago

Know what makes a great hostess gift? Or maybe you need something to make your guests ooh and ahh? Food with a story. Something local. Something crafted by hand, not mass produced. Something that hasn’t spent a week on a cargo ship. Something you can be proud to serve. Something like local Farm Stoehr chèvre! This Thanksgiving we’d love be part of your celebration. Need an idea? Whip Garlic & Herb chèvre into mashed potatoes. Take our Classic chèvre and top with your favorite cranberry sauce or jelly. Use our Hot Honey chèvre for stuffed peppers. Serve any flavor with crackers for an easy appetizer or as an addition to a charcuterie board (remember to let it soften at room temp for a more spreadable texture). Sure, you can crumble it on a salad. But you can also make chèvre cheesecake. The choices are endless. How will you use local

Farm Stoehr

2 weeks 5 days ago

You never know what can happen when you’re stubborn as hell. A few short years ago this was all a dream. Now we play a small part of putting food on people’s tables. Don’t quit your daydream because someday you may look up and be really proud of what you’ve created. #FarmsteadCheese #goatdairy #goatcheese #farmlife #familyfarm #farmkids #supportlocalfarmers #shoplocal

Farm Stoehr is at .

3 weeks 2 days ago

Do you know where your #goatcheese comes from? If you’ve ever had Farm Stoehr Chèvre you can thank this sweet girl, Chynna. She’s an easy going gal with ears of velvet. She’s not the leader of the pack, just happy camper and a friend to all. Chynna kidded in March 2020 and has been a strong addition to the milk line ever since. We’ll keep milking her as long as she wants to. She’s earned her spot here and we’re just glad she’s an easy keeper. #nubiangoats #dairygoats #happygoat #goatmilk #localfarmers #FarmsteadCheese

Farm Stoehr is at Standard Service.

3 weeks 4 days ago

It’s a gorgeous day for a market at @standardservice

So many local farmers and artisans for you to shop!

We’re here till 2:00- plenty of time for you to come pick up your chèvre for the week!

#heathtx #farmersmarket #staplegoodsmarket #goatcheese #supportlocalbusiness

Farm Stoehr

3 weeks 6 days ago

Kharma is one badass lady.

We added a few new gals to the milk line this week, including this beauty. It’s kept me busy making sure they all know their new routine and play nice with others.

Kharma was the first to let the herd know, she’s not one to be messed with. Welcome to Farm Stoehr girl, I think you’ll fit right in. 😉

#lamancha #dairygoats #goats #goatmilk #goatdairy

Farm Stoehr

1 month 2 days ago

Scooping cliffs of curd

Fresh batch of chèvre headed out today and saving some for @standardservice Staple Goods Market on Saturday!

Who needs a chèvre fix this weekend?

#goatcheese #chevre #cheesecurd #farmsteadcheese

Farm Stoehr

1 month 4 days ago

Wombat & Legacy

This time of year the bucks are disgusting but the goat ladies love it. 🤨🤣

I’m excited for this match though. Should be some nice kids!

#dairygoats #nubiangoats #breedingseason #goatkidscomingsoon

Farm Stoehr

1 month 5 days ago

Answers to some of the most common questions we get about goat milk! Do you sell raw milk? -Yes! Order online for pick up at the farm or at the market on Saturdays. I need my order sooner than the website gives me the option for. What do I do? -Shoot me a message! I can usually accommodate. Will you have milk all year round? -Yes. We have a good portion of our herd on “extended lactation” meaning they’ll stay in milk for several years before being dried off and bred again. Better for them, better for us. Win win! Milk all year round. I’ve heard of “raw” milk but never tried it before. What’s the deal with it? -Isn’t it funny that milk that hasn’t been altered in anyway gets the label “raw” but milk that goes through pasteurization and possibly homogenization is just considered regular milk? I’m not